Hypnosi​s with Mike​

The Subconscious Aspects of Success:

Simple, powerful techniques to internalize goals

and improve business performance

“I highly recommend any organization or company to work with Mike. He is outstanding! Mike’s show was perfect for our company party; it was clean, energetic, and full of laughs! Our workers are still talking about the show and many have said that this has been by far the best entertainment we have ever had. Thanks Mike”

Vikki Salazar – Ben E. Keith

“Hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen! Our employees have not stopped talking about your show, I mean people from different groups within the company that normally don’t associate with one another are now talking about the different skits that they watched! I don’t know if you advertise Team Building, but you should!

Annie Harlow – Owner Aldo Walters

“Wow, I really figured you would have a hard time getting volunteers, but you didn’t. The way you interact with the audience is great! Everyone felt as if they were part of the show right from the beginning, and your show/humor was perfect for our annual company meeting!”

Brena Alexander –

Bureau of Indian Affairs

“Mike, I have booked entertainment in the past for different events and I must say that you were hands down the Easiest to work with. I also know that you were working with not so perfect conditions, and yet you handled everything flawlessly. I would highly recommend you to any organization that wants good clean fun! Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again!”

Gail Stafford –

Bridgestone Commercial Solution

Meet Mike Breeze

As an author, speaker, and trained Clinical Hypnotist, Mike has studied and helped some of top performers in every field to reach their goals.

In his wildly entertaining keynotes, Mike shows you how top achievers achieve the unthinkable – and how you can put the same scientific principles to work in your business and personal life.

Since 2006, Mike has given hundreds of presentations for companies such as  Ben E. Keith, Perfekta Aerospace, Bass Pro Shops, County Court Clerk Convention, and even Harvard University.

Mike has also been featured on numerous media outlets and publications like Small Business Trend Setters, Business Innovators, and many others. 

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